About the Movement

In a nutshell…

W.O.M.B Sisters is about EMPOWERING WOMEN. When women are more confident, empowered, and not struggling with unhealthy relationships, they become better employees, entrepreneurs, parents and members of their communities.

Where we’re headed…

[The Book]

The W.O.M.B. Sisters Project is kicking off with a book collaboration with other women, we call them W.O.M.B. Warriors, who share their stories of triumph from unhealthy relationships with men and help guide women to ignite the confident and empowered woman within.

[The Summit]

We are summoning W.O.M.B. Sisters who are struggling in the areas of unhealthy relationships, and we are calling W.O.MB. Warriors who would like to share their stories of triumph and build their own platforms to empowering other women.

[The Tour]

On the road we go empowering W.O.M.B. Sisters around the globe. So far we’re working on bringing the tour to Cleveland, OH; Toledo, OH; Indianapolis, IN; Berkeley, CA; Detroit, MI; Houston, TX; St. Louis, MO; Philadelphia, PA; Memphis, TN; and Atlanta, GA. If you’re interested in partnering for a tour in your city, please contact us here. 

(If you would like to become a sponsor for The Summit or The Tour, please contact us here)

BACKGROUND: A God inspired idea…

cheryl_holland_webI’m Cheryl Holland, author/book compiler for The W.O.M.B. Sisters Chronicles book and I am super-excited to share this project with you. The W.O.M.B. Sisters is my God-inspired idea that has been on the back burner until I got clarity on exactly what it should be and how it is to be done. The title and the image you see above with the woman’s pregnant belly with a man’s face was all downloaded to me shortly after my marriage and life fell apart in 2007.

W.O.M.B. Sisters Project
W.O.M.B.=Women Overcoming Men Blues.

The image of the pregnant woman with a man’s face in her belly symbolizes how some women carry men as if attached to her umbilical cord, giving life and trying to support a relationship even when it’s unhealthy…which then sucks the life out of her.

When women have not resolved issues of hurt, rejection, abandonment, and low-self esteem, they suffer with their confidence, careers, businesses, families, spiritual lives, health and the list goes on. My goal is to EMPOWER WOMEN to live confidently, happy and empowered whether single, in a relationship or married.

When the idea came to me originally, I really had no clue what God was trying to show me as far as what to do or how to write the book. I didn’t have a book full of experiences with men…thank you Jesus.

After a few years of the single & dating life and from talking with other women around the globe, and seeing how they get stuck when it comes to men, the clarity came that this really isn’t about just my story. This is OUR STORY. And this isn’t just about a book. This is a MOVEMENT to empower women. And now is the time…

Timing is everything!

I now have the knowledge and experience to not just compile the book but I have the platform, credibility, and influence to take the message to the world in a BIG WAY!

Ladies, we have not overcome things in our lives to keep them to ourselves. We are to use our experiences and lessons to help others find their way out to confidence and empowerment.

That’s what W.O.M.B. Sisters is all about. The vision for this project is HUGE and I’d love for you to come along with me on this journey. The book is just the beginning…


I'm the founder of A'Sista Project and Business Coach to Women's Empowerment Bosses who have been undervaluing their expertise. I help them to master & magnetize their message, amp up their services for high-end clients, and create a 5 figure monthly income system. I'm also the author of "Have Your Cake & Eat It Too: The Savvy & Sassy Guide to Get What You Want In Life & Business". Before I left Corporate America in 2014, I worked for 28 years in Communications, Public Relations, and Visual Design & Branding. I use all of those skills along with what I’ve learned about how to build and market a profitable online brand to teach others to do the same. You can learn more about me and what I do at www.asistaproject.com.